Know Yourself From Inside

Start breathing now , release your worries from mind. Let the nature take away your pain.  Don’t overthing about past or future, try to live in present, stay close to your family. Spend some time with them. This will make peace in your mind.  Overcome From Your Stress with love and peace.


Writing Your Name

Whenever I try to write #love with pen, I end up with writing your name on paper. Because for me love begins at you and ends up at you.  My life was not a #life without you, but now when you are with me, I found my life. It’s the same city, same place but I never felt this happiness and love before.  All this seems to be mine now. These flowers in the garden are like singing songs for my welcome now. Every time I look at sun, it seems smiling to me. Seeing you in the morning makes my mornings good.  I felt like Stress Is Released From My Mind. Thanks to god for sending you into my life and makes it more beautiful and worthful.

Writing Your Name

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True Story Of Annabella

It begins in 1970, from a girl named Donna, a college student pursuing nursing. She loves to play with dolls so her mother gifted her a doll on her birthday. She had a roommate named Angie. They were sharing apartment during their nursing studies. They started to live together in the room and they love to play with that doll which was gifted by her mother.

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Love With The Moon

We all have heard about werewolves, and their relation with moon, specially full moon. We have seen in many movies and stories that a man changes into werewolf on full moon night. Researchers also comments that it’s an ancient curse on wolves. According to them, there is a love story behind this curse. Many thousand years ago, there was a tribe somewhere in ancient world where two types of people were living. One were the rulers and other were the slaves. The rulers were have magical powers with which they can control the nature and can give curse to any one. The slaves were afraid of them and never disobey the rulers because of their magical powers. Rulers were very cruel, they use to punish slaves with wires made of thorns and then expose them into forests in front of hungry wild animals. Some researchers are claiming that the rulers were also afraid of the slaves that’s why they always tries to dominate them. To control the army of slaves, rulers chose one man who was the leader, the protector, the commander of the slave army. As per the ancient stories, the commander of slaves once save the life of the princess ruler, daughter of the ruler king. She was one of her own kind, with beautiful eyes and long dark hairs, red blood lips. No one dares to make eye contact with her, but the slave commander took her into his arms and put her on his horse during saving her life. This incident started the flames of love into their heart. They fall in love with each other. One night one of her own friend saw them making love to each other and then reported to the ruler king. The ruler king was very cruel and angry because of this incident. He ask both of them his daughter and slave commander about their relation. Both of them accepted that they love each other. This make the cruel king more red blooded angry. He cursed the commander to change into slave with his magic, but some how his daughter reversed the magic which was out of her powers to control, so she lost her life on full moon night and the curse was not fully removed the slave commander was cursed to become werewolf on full moon night.  After loosing the love of his life, the slave commander rebell against the king. He collected his slave army, assure them to give them freedom for ever if they support him to kill the king.  Then on the next full moon night, the slave commander opens the gates of the prisons and the slave army was free.  They killed each and every man who came into their way.  The king gets angry he asked his guards to kept him into his magical box, where he slept and no one can reach him.  The king was very powerful magician he killed number of slaves with his magical army, but he was old so he knew that if he kills all the slaves and commander then it could lead him to death also. So, he made a smart move, he collected his powers and made a shield to cover himself in the box. And his personal loyal guards took him to the secret place where no one can easily found them.  That’s how the rulership of king ends, slaves get free, but the commander who gets curse for his lifetime was keep searching for the king.  May be that’s why on every full moon night, the wolf falls in “love with the moon” and keeps looking for the king to kill him.